Learn How To Color Sand and Buff

Color sanding and buffing a car out frightens many people, that is why they go to a automotive detail shop. Even though this could prove to be a disaster if you did it wrong, the concept really isn’t that hard and doesn’t take a lot to learn.

There are those folks that have classic or antique cars, that they are finicky about who touches them. If you want to learn how to color sand your paint and buff, you should watch my video.

In this video, I am color sanding and buffing a hood that I painted that came out terrible. A friend asked me over to paint this hood. He had it hanging vertically, which is a number one “NO-NO.” It was at the hottest part of the day, 95°F. The skin temperature of the hood was at least 110°F. He supplied a spray gun but it wasn’t applying the paint well enough for an already bad situation. On top of everything else, the hood was in a bad place to paint. I had to stand on a board and balance to paint. I lost my balance and got a run in the hood. See how I removed the run in this video.

Do-It-Yourself Detailing Can Save You Money

If you have a car you really do not trust anyone else to touch. Maybe you like to work on your own cars. Learning a skill like automotive detailing can save you money. Detailing shops get from $100 to $500 for color sanding and buffing an entire car out. More for trucks, and everybody seems to drive those these days.

Watch this video, see how it isn’t as complicated as you may think. Also, all of the tools and materials you would need are listed in the description. If anything else, see how professionals do it.

Published by RodsShop

I have decades of automotive experience. From general mechanics to highly professional auto body and paint. I started a YouTube Channel on How-To fix things on cars. It ranges from motorcycles, general mechanics to auto body and paint. I am a giver by nature and I want to help others by sharing the things I know.

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